Videos AIHS

Videos AIHS

  • Australian Indian History Ozziesjourney 1

    The Journey of Ozzie the Indian is about how Ozzie finds out about his Australian Indian History and will proceed to teach others what he has learned.
  • Australian Indian History Ozziesjourney 2

    First Fleet BOLLYWOOD THEME. Captain Phillip was recalled from India to mount the First Fleet to Australia. He ordered a party to be had by all on arrival at Botany Bay
  • Australian Indian History Ozziesjourney 4

    Bass Strait was discovered by Indian Sailors on a ship from Calcutta named the Sydney Cove.
  • Australian Indian History Ozziesjourney 6

    Fatta Chand was hung at the Melbourne Gaol in 1891. He could not speak English. The establishment sent Christian Ministers of religion to him every day, they tried to convert him to Christianity but he stayed true to his faith.
  • Australian Indian History Ozziesjourney 7

    Baljinder Singh came to Australia to fulfill a promise he made to his grandmother, who had raised him, to find out what had happened to his grandfather who came to Australia and worked in the Camden NSW area as a Hawker. Len and I helped Baljinder to find his grandfather.
  • Australian Indian History_Daryl Maguire MP 2014

    Daryl Maguire MP speaking about his Australian Indian History at the Book Launch of Are Indians an Ethnic Minority? by Len Kenna & Crystal Jordan at Parliament House NSW. The event was organised by GOPIO Sydney North West.
  • Australian Indian History_Meer Singh’s Wagon March 2016

    The finding and purchase of the Indian Hawker’s Wagon that was owned by Meer Singh, Victoria in early 1900, by historians, Len Kenna and Crystal Jordan.
  • MEER SINGH’S WAGON MODEL made by John Linton 2016

    Model of Hawker’s Wagon owned by Meer Singh from Colac Victoria early 1900. Len Kenna and Crystal Jordan have acquired and are restoring Meer Singh’s wagon.
  • MEER SINGH’S MODEL WAGON PAINTING 2016 – 27 August 2016

    Meer Singh was a hawker in the Colac Victoria District in the early 1900’s. This is a model of his wagon that Randeep and Preet Wariach have volunteered to paint for Len Kenna and Crystal Jordan to be exhibited in the Australian Indian History Exhibition at Parliament House Victoria 12 – 16 September 2016 to be opened by Robin Scott the Minister for Multicultural Affairs.
  • Guru Granth Sahib Australia 1920 – AIHS – March 2017

    An Historic moment for Australia’s Sikh Community we visited the site of Australia’s first Akhand Path Sahib which was done in 1920. Many thanks to Benalla Mayor and Rob Mitchell, Federal Labour MP. Len Kenna and Crystal Jordan who during their research located the history of Siva Singh and the site of the first reading of the Akhand Path in Australia. Benalla Council is considering to set up a memorial to remember the contributions of Sikhs to Benalla. This is also published in “Are Indians An Ethnic Minority? Volume 4 Hawkers and 5 A Pictorial History by Len Kenna and Crystal Jordan.
    March 2017.

    Len Kenna and Crystal Jordan located and purchased a 19th Century, very rare, original museum piece Indian Hawker’s Wagon, which is in a state of disrepair. Len had an accident with his hands in October 2016 (not connected to repairing the wagon) and is now back working on the wagon again.

    Indians enlisted in the Australian Imperial Forces during WWI.

    Indians and Indian Australians enlisted in the Australian Imperial Forces during World War Two.

    Sarn Singh (sic Saran Singh Johal) was the son of Chaudhri Kishen Singh who was Zaildar of Jandiala, Phillaur, Tehsil, Jalandhar, Punjab, India. He enlisted in the Australian Imperial Force with his friend Private John Edward Harold Norman St. Claire (affectionately known as “Pat and “Paddy”). Sarn was killed in action on the Messines Ridge, Belgium on the 10 June 1917 and John was killed in action in on the 12 June 1917.

    Baljinder Singh Nanda visits Sarn Singh’s ancestral home in Jandiala, Punjab with Sarn’s nephew, Jasbir Singh Johal for Australian Indian Historical Society Inc., in July 2017.