Note: Some of the following can be applied to all British Colonies, particularly India.

The British Empire at its peak was the largest Empire that the world has ever seen! This was achieved by Sabre Rattling Diplomacy and at the point of a gun. However, in 1783 England received its greatest setback when British forces were defeated in the War Of Independence in North America and were driven from North America at the point of a gun. To compensate for the loss of this territory and to expand trading opportunities, and to establish an Anglo Saxon, Protestant country in the Asia Pacific Region they decided to settle Australia. This time however, the English Officer Corps on the First Fleet were instructed that the local “Native People” were under the protection of the Crown and as such they were to be treated like any other British subject. Let us put the morality of this decision to one side at this time and concentrate our attention to how the English Government intended to develop a population that was subservient to the Crown and be approved of by the general public in England.

The first thing the English Government did when they were planning the Settlement in Australia was to learn from their mistakes when they were administering America and to ensure that the residents of Australia unlike their American counterparts had little to complain about and to ensure that they remained loyal to the British Crown.

The second thing the English Government had to do was to convince the general public in England that they were doing a good thing by settling Australia, and to garner their support for the Settlement. This was done by empting the gaols in England although it was not the most economical solution to that problem.

Thirdly by making Australian Aborigines, British subjects and letting the British people believe that the Aboriginal people would be converted to Christianity.

As a result of this planning the Australian Continent became the first place in the world to be conquered by planned migration.

After Settlement to keep the English people on side; good news stories of their achievements in Australia were loudly proclaimed; this was done by inflating the achievements of the English people in Australia and conversely those people in Australia who did not have a British background had their achievements PLAGARISED, downgraded or ignored. In other words poisoned pen reports.

The same procedures were followed when Official Reports were forwarded to the Home or Colonial Offices in London or on other forms of communications, including reports in Newspapers these in some cases were also poison pen reports. Because of this policy: if it was one, successes of Australian people who were not British subjects and the events surrounding them are absent or distorted in Australian public records and history books.

These false reports in published Official documents are the main source of Australian History and form the basis for various areas of study in Australia today. As a by-product of these practices students are still being taught false information that supports the supremacy of the British Empire. In this way 18th and 19th Century English hegemony still lives on in Australia and is alive a well as seen by our recent Republic Referendum.

England achieved its aims of establishing an Anglo Saxon Protestant country in the Asia Pacific Region and in the process Australia has become a clone of England. Even after the migration of many peoples from many countries over the last 220 years, Australia is seen to this day as an English Speaking, Anglo Saxon country.

How has this happened? Simple. HEGEMONY!

The success of the English in controlling information when they established Australia proves the old saying that: The pen is mightier than the sword. But even more powerful than the pen, is the poisoned pen.

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