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I have posted a few articles on English Hegemony in Australia, which is a subject close to my heart. It started when I was a boy growing up in the country town of Hamilton Victoria, during World War Two. That was when I noticed that newspaper and radio reports of battles that England and Commonwealth Troops were involved in were referred to as British Troops (Shorthand for English) but if the battle went badly for these troops the attention was deflected away from the British and it was reported as the Australians, Indians etc., have been defeated and these reports were reinforced by photographs and newsreels showing images of the Commonwealth troops retreating. Whereas any victory or any action that reflected a good image on the allies was reported as British or English and with photographs and newsreels to support their reports and in this way wrongly claimed by the “British” i.e. English. Thus inflating the military image of England around the world to the detriment of other nations supporting England including the Australians and the Indians. This enhanced the image of England in Diplomatic circles and belittled the Diplomatic reputation of Australia and other countries involved. And this false recording of history was later used as propaganda and the propaganda was reported so widely that it became history and then his false history was used as propaganda. It’s an endless circle, it goes on and on and gets bigger and bigger to the benefit of England and to the detriment of India and Australia

From that time on I studied all things Australian and found that this same principal is applied to all aspects of life that the English come in contact with, including historical events, i.e. the discovery of the Victorian coast, the first inland expedition Australia, the first international trade, which went to India from Australia and not to England: too name a few. England was not involved in these events but Indians were and why is England getting the credit for these historical and important events to the detriment of India and importantly Australia. HEGEMONY.

It wasn’t until the Referendum to see if Australia should become a Republic was held that I saw firsthand, a perfect example of how England still has a control over the hearts and minds of most Australians and how dangerous this is. This is the direct result of English Hegemony, which draws on all of the supposed wonderful things that England has done for Australia and without England’s and the Monarchy’s protection this country could not survive. Our referendum was influenced by ENGLISH HEGEMONY and from that time on I have made it my quest to correct Australian History to stop this sort of thing ever happening again.

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© Len Kenna  27.10.2015