Left: Saluting the Union Jack, Brighton Rd. Primary School 1938. Right: Clive of India.

Left: Saluting the Union Jack, Brighton Rd. Primary School 1938. Right: Clive of India.


  1. Every Monday morning throughout my school years I attended a compulsory Flag Raising Ceremony and was required to swear allegiance to the King and later Queen of England; which I must add, most children hated doing.
  1. By constructing a very biased curriculum and teaching subject matter that was favourable to the English Monarchy, there was little or no Australian Literature or History taught to my generation.

An example of this biased approach can be explained by saying that when I was attending

Primary School, I can still remember the teacher giving a lecture and handing out reading material and conducting a number of lessons on “Clive of India”. She lead the class to believe that Clive of India was a benevolent Administrator and that England’s role in India was a good one in that they were educating the uneducated and saving the souls of heathen savages by taking Christianity to them.

So imagine my horror when I was researching Australian Indian History and discovered the true Clive of India. He was a cruel man with a sheer disregard for human suffering in his pursuit of wealth and power.

Around the same time as the rise of the well-known Irish Potato Famine; a little know famine

broke out in 1777 in Bengal because the rice crops failed. The English Offices that were resident in India at that time cornered the rice market and sold the rice at exorbitant prices back to the Indians that could afford to pay their prices, few could and as a result over one million people died of starvation. The Officers made a handsome profit.

So in two countries on different sides of the world at the same time in history over two million people died as a result of English Military Officers and others lining their own pockets at other peoples expense, regardless to the amount of death and suffering they caused.


An example of the amount of money taken from India by English Army Officers: can be seen when Clive returned to England; he was an extremely wealthy man. As well as manipulating sales of food, he sold political favours and turned Indian against Indian.

He was called before a House of Commons Committee to answer charges of extortion. In his defence he stated, quite arrogantly.

“A great Prince was dependant on my pleasure; an opulent city laid at my mercy; it’s richest bankers bid against each other for my smiles; I walked through vaults that were thrown open to me alone and plied on either hand with gold and jewels! Mr Chairman, at this moment I stand here astonished at my own moderation.” Clive was exonerated from all charges of extortion despite accepting one bribe of over half a million pounds in todays money and there were at least eight other payments of similar amounts paid for his political favours.

In conclusion, the English armies stripped two countries; India and Ireland of their wealth and caused the deaths of over 2 million people in a bid to extract the most possible gain for themselves and their Empire.


We must make sure that this sort of thing never happens again and the true story of our past becomes known and this can only happen if our educators, research for the truth and teach the truth because, if the next generation does not know our history, they are bound to let the same mistakes happen again.


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