Gamble Singh (aka Gambil/Gambol), was an Indian Hawker from the Punjab who lived and worked in the Albury and Wodonga District hawking with a wagon drawn by two horses. Gamble followed the Sikh Religion and as is the custom of Sikhs he supported charities with regular donations of money to several charitable organisations some of which were: the Beechworth Women’s Patriotic League that sent parcels to Australian Soldiers during World War One, the Newtown Orphanage and the T. B. War Fund during World War Two.

He was an ardent horse lover and well-known horse owner and breeder and won prizes for his horses at Agricultural Shows held in the local and neighbouring districts.  He won many awards for his horses for example: the Best Dray Gelding Award at the Albury Show in 1936, Corryong Show 1937 & Rutherglen Show 1938.[1]  In January 1941 he sold two horses he had been working in his wagon to a Sydney buyer for £100 ($200). He sold the horse through Dalgety and Co. Both horses were bay in colour, one was a 4 year old mare and the other was a 6 year old gelding, they both had a large white star on their heads. They were sired by Widgiewa Ivo, a draught horse owned by Mr. Edgar Francis McKoy, and were kept at “Bandiana Park,” before Gamble purchased them and put them to work pulling his wagon.[2]

Gamble was confident in taking people to court for example William Clayton who stole trousers and socks from him in 1934 and Jack Hynes who owed him money.[3] He associated with other Indian Hawkers in the district Polah Singh (Bhola/Pala/ Phula)who was killed by his horse at Corryong.  Gamble regularly camped under two large trees on the property of Mr. McKoy in Wodonga.[4] He is believed to be the last Hawker in the District and Gamble Singh Park, at Wodonga, was named in his honour. In 1950 Gamble returned to Bombay, India but sadly died soon after his arrival in July.

Pollah Singh Plaque at Corryong Cemetery Victoria. Len Kenna unveiled the plaque on the 7 December 2010, he was invited by the Upper Murray Historical Society who decided to have a plaque erected in memory of Pollah Singh. (Note:(Pollah Punjabi spelling: Bhola/Pala/ Phula).

Places in Australia With Names of Indian Origin.

Extract from: Punjaub in Australia : Indian place names, Sydney Grandison Watson / Len Kenna & Crystal Jordan 2018. FREE TO READ ONLINE.

Towns, Parishes or Districts:

Calcutta Out Station, S.A.

Cashmere, Qld.

Chenab, N.W. Qld.

Doab, N. W. Qld.

Indus, N.W. Qld.

Little Doab, N.W. Qld.

Lucknow N.S.W.

Madora Bay, W.A.

Madura, W.A.

Malabar, N.S.W.

Malwa and Malwa Creek, North Gregory District, Qld.

Mangalore, Vic. & Tas.

Pranjip Creek, Victoria

Punjaub 1, N.W. Qld

Punjaub 2, N.W. Qld.

Punjaub, N.W. Qld.

Surat, Qld.

Travanvore, Vic.

Walwa, Vic.

Walwa, Qld.

Streets – Parks:

Agra Street, Bell Gardens,

Agra Street, Mitcham, Vic.

Arkan Ave. Woolgoolga, NSW.

Amritsar Glade, Schofields, NSW>

Assam Street, Madora Bay, W.A.

Bangalore Street, Kensington, Vic.

Bangalore Way, Mickleham, Vic.

Baroda Street, Coopers Plains, Qld.

Baroda Street, Musgrave, Qld.

Baroda Street Park, Musgrave, Qld.

Benares Street, Mitcham, Vic.

Bengal Street. Coolongolook, N.S.W.

Bengal Street, Madora Bay, W.A.

Bengal Street, Yarrabilba, Qld.

Baroda Street, Ascot Vale, Vic.

Baroda Way, Madora, W.A.

Baroda Street, Travancore, Vic.

Bengal Court, Carindale, Qld.

Bengal Crescent, Elderslie, NSW.

Bengal Street, Coolongolook, NSW.

Bengal Street, Sancrox, NSW.

Bengal Street, Yarrabilba, Qld.

Bilga Crescent, Malabar, N.S.W.

Bilga Street, Kirrawee, N.S.W.

Bilga Street, Middle Park, Qld.

Bombay Street, Lidcombe, NSW.

Bombay Street, Oaklands, S.A.

Calcutta Close, Altona Meadows, Vic.

Calcutta Street, Mitcham, Vic.

Calcutta Street, Mount Lyndhurst, S.A.

Calcutta Street, Sorrento, Vic.

Cashmere Street, Keperra,, Qld.

Cashmere, Redbank Plains, Qld.

Cashmere Street, Rothwell, Qld.

Cashmere Street, Travancore, Vic.

Chandra Avenue, Kilsyth, Vic.

Delhi Reserve, Travancore, Vic.

Delhi Street, Bentleigh, Mitcham and Travancore, Vic.

Delhi Street, Lidcombe, NSW.

Gamble Singh Park, Wodonga, VIC.

Gundah Singh, Road, Moresby, Qld.

Hindoo Lane, Madora, W.A.

Hooghly Street, Madora, W.A.

Hyderabad Street, Regent Park, Qld.

Indian Ave. West Beach, S.A.

Indian Drive, Keysborough, Vic.

Indian Lane, Baradine, NSW.

Indian Road, Kalanbi, S.A.

India Street, Capalaba, Qld.

Indians Road, Benalla, Vic.

Indus Street, Camp Hill and Marsden, Qld.

Karachi Street, Midway Point, Tas.

Karachi Street, Crestmead, Qld.

Kerala Court, Mudgeeraba, Qld.

Kerala Place, Diamond Creek, Vic.

Lahore Street, Crestmead, and The Gap, Qld.

Lubbo Street, Mildura, Vic.  It was named after Lubbo Singh.

Lucknow Street, Oaklands Park, S.A.

Lucknow Street, Travancore, Vic.

Lucknow Crescent, Thomastown, Vic.

Ludhiana Glade, Schofields, NSW.

Madora Beach Road, Madora, W.A.

Madras Street, Carey Park, W. A.

Madras Street, Oaklands Park, S.A.

Madura Street, Travancore, Vic.

Malwa Lane, Sandigo, NSW.

Malwa Street, Glandore, S. A.

Malwa Street, Osborne, S.A.

Madras Street, Carey Park, W.A.

Mangalore Street, Travancore, Vic.

Mooltan Ave. Macquarie Park, NSW.

Mooltan Ave. St. Kilda, Vic.

Mooltan Place, Eltham North, Vic.

Mooltan Street, Flemington, Vic.

Mooltan Street, Travancore, Vic.

Punjab Place, Boronia Heights, Vic.

Rajah Street, Oaklands, S.A.

Ranee Lane, Madora, W.A.

Rani Circuit, Noosaville, Qld.

Rani Close, Speers Point, N.S.W.

Rao Ranjit Drive, Kew, Vic.

Simla Street, Mitcham, Vic.

Simla Street, Mount Lofty, Qld.

Simla Road, Denistone, NSW.

Simla Street, Lidcombe, NSW.

Singh Lane, Chester Hill, NSW.

Singh Street, Tugan, Qld.

Singh Street, Wynnum West, Qld.

Walwa Street, Mitcham, Qld.

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