Cremation Of Otto Singh At Riverton W.A. 1934

Cremation of Otto Singh at Riverton W.A. 1934

As stated by Sir Hartley Williams in 1892, “Cremation was perfectly legal and there was no law against it.”  The only place where cremation was ever made illegal was Japan, where in 1873 it was abolished by law, in the rage for everything European, but less than two years’ of experiencing burials Japan reverted back to cremations. 

Friends at the cremation of their friend Otto Singh a Sikh who died aged about 76 at Leederville, Western Australia, and was cremated at Riverton near the Canning River at the Sikh Cremation Cemetery on Thursday the 28 June 1934. The ashes were cast on the river. Normally Massa Singh would have been present at the cremation but he was in India at the time of this cremation. It is possible that one of the Sikhs pictured may have been Meer Singh.singh-otto-aihs_1b
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